L&M Roofing

Interested In Replacing Your Commercial Roof?

Spring is just around the corner and roofing season will soon be in full swing! Give L&M Roofing a call to get our experts input and find out all you need to know about replacing your flat roof. We specialize in EPDM Rubber Roof systems, TPO/PVC Roof Systems, Metal Roofs, and Built Up Roof Systems. We also offer Vapor Barrier Systems that help to increase a building’s energy efficiency and improve the longevity of your building. Give us a call today 1-888-428-ROOF

What All Does L&M Roofing Do?

L&M Roofing services Western PA, Erie PA, and Akron OH areas with commercial roofing installations, repairs, and vapor barrier systems. We work with roof systems including EPDM, built up, TPO/PVC, and metal roof systems! Call L&M Roofing for all of your flat roofing needs: 1-888-428-ROOF

Early Spring? Prepare your roof for the rain!

With an early Spring confirmed by Punxsutawney Phil, are you worried about how your flat roof will fare in the rain? Interested in learning more about vapor barriers? Give L&M Roofing a call today! We’ve got you covered for all of your commercial roofing repairs and installation needs. Call the premiere roofing experts of Western PA. 1-888-428-ROOF