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Commercial Roof Service

L&M Roofing Assoc. LLC. Has a wide variety of solutions when it comes to commercial roof repair, flat roofing, and low-slope roofing.  Our service technicians are quick to find any roof leaks and get your business back to running smoothly.  We also offer long term maintenance agreements for your commercial roofing system.  Don’t hesitate to call us today at 412-279-1182.

Experts for Commercial Roofing in the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area

L&M Roofing is proudly serving the Pittsburgh area’s roofing needs.  We provide over 50 years of experience in commercial roofing applications.  Our team provides the knowledge, resources and craftsmanship to ensure that your roof quality is the primary focus.  L&M has partnered with both local suppliers and national manufacturers to create a network of roofing professionals to best serve our customers.  We offer a variety of services spanning from roof inspections to complete removal and replacement of roofing systems.  L&M is family owned and operated.  We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into the L&M Roofing family.  Give us a call today!

The Argument for a white roof vs. a black roof

Commercial flat roof systems have traditionally been black in color but the emergence of TPO/PVC roof systems have changed that mindset.  The tone in the roofing industry is that white roofing equals a cooler roof surface and therefore more energy savings.  Unfortunately, in the Pittsburgh area this is often used more as a sales strategy than actual technical fact.  According to data from Roof Sense it is more energy effecient to install a black roof membrane in our area.  Your project location would have to be as far south as Georgia in order to warrant the installation of a white roof membrane.  This data has a lot do with the days we heat our buildings vs. the days we cool our buildings.  Another added benefit of a black roof membrane is its ability to quickly melt snow and ice.  Snow and ice that lingers on a white roof membrane will inevitably cause damage.


If your interested in installing a new, energy efficient, roof system let us run a Roof Sense analysis on your building.

Commercial Roofing

Whether your looking for a new flat roof or flat roof repair, L&M Roofing Assoc. LLC. has the right solution for you.  Call us now to schedule a free estimate and roof inspection.  We specialize in rubber roofing (EPDM) as well as TPO and PVC membrane roofing systems.  We also offer a variety of asphalt roofing products and roof coatings.  Servicing the Greater Pittsburgh area for 11 years, L&M Roofing’s team has a combined experience of more than 50 years in the commercial roofing industry.  We also offer a full range of Manufacturers’ NDL warranties and are quality applicators for all of the Tier 1 manufacturers.


Firestone Platinum System 30 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Looking for a long term solution for your commercial roof?  We are currently installing the Firestone Platinum System.  This 90 mil EPDM rubber roof provides a substantial increase in millage from our standard roof systems.  The increased millage provides superior resistance to UV breakdown. In addition all roof flashings are double wrapped, seams are 6 inches wide, and termination bars are covered with an additional layer of counter flashing.  All of these components add up to the ultimate flat roof solution.  Call us today for a free roof inspection and estimate.