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Low-Slope Roofing Cranberry Pennsylvania

L&M Roofing Assoc, LLC is proudly serving Cranberry, PA and surrounding areas. We have a dedicated crew to meet all you commercial, low-slope and flat roofing needs.  Contact us for roof repairs, replacements and new construction projects.  As always we offer full manufacturer’s NDL warranties on all new roof systems.  We are certified QA’s for Carlisle, Firestone, Genflex, Johns Manville and Gaco.

What separates us from the rest?

I recently received a questionnaire from a potential client.  It’s a bit long but I feel like it’s an important read for anyone considering a new roof.

1) When it comes to service, do you extend any unique customer service to your clients?   

We offer all of our clients our cell phone numbers so they can contact a company owner directly at any time.  We always answer the phone or get back to our customers the same day.  Usually as soon as we are free.  

2) Do you have any special training to your people that may result to good service and etc.? 

Our crews are manufacturer certified applicators.  This allows our crew to install commercial roofing according to exact specifications.  This is the key to the outstanding longevity of our roof systems.  This also allows us to offer full NDL (no-dollar-limit) Roofing System Warranties.

3) How long have you been in the business? 

We have been in business for 12 years. We have been in the industry for over 35 years.

4) Considering your years of experience, have you found a better way to do things in your company?

We find that the most important thing is to hire and keep skilled roofers.  We create an atmosphere where people take pride in their work and craftsmanship.  We also make safety and common sense a priority.  A roof is only as good as the people that install it.

5) What mistake do new people in the industry make that you don’t?

Most roofers come from a residential background with very little, if any, knowledge in commercial roofing applications.  They tend to rush the product and simply glue down a sheet of single-ply membrane.  They do not follow required manufacturers specifications and therefore do not offer a true system warranty.  This leads to a new roof that usually leaks worse than before it was installed.  The roofer typically tries to fix it once or twice and quickly realize they are in over their head.  Then they either go out of business or skip town.  This leaves the consumer with a very expensive problem because the new roof they paid for has to be torn off completely and installed the right way.  You cannot repair a poorly installed commercial roof.  Typically about 5% of our business yearly is removing and replacing roofs installed by a bad roofer.  Roughly 20% of our yearly quotes are lost to roofers who severely underestimate jobs, leaving vital components out, thinking they can make a quick dollar.  The industry is filled with these bad contractors.  If they cannot offer a Manufacturer’s NDL stay away.

6) What does your clients say about you?  What do they like about your company?

Our business is nearly 100% referral.  Once we gain a customer we do not lose them. Typically they say that L&M Roofing Assoc, LLC is by far the best roofing company they have ever used.  I once had a guy call me two weeks after installing a new roof.  He owns many commercial properties, he wanted to tell me that the new roof hasn’t had one leak.  I said that’s great, we wouldn’t expect it to leak at all.  He told me this is the first new roof he ever purchased that didn’t have a few leaks immediately after installation.

7) We strongly believe that it is also important to highlight fast service.  How many days do you deliver compared to your competitor?  Do you have a guarantee?

Our industry is very weather dependent.  We cannot roof in rain, a chance of rain, snow, sleet, hail etc.  We also cannot roof in high winds or temperatures below freezing.  In order to install a good roof that will last and work, the weather has to be right.  Therefore once a job is under contract we schedule a tentative date to complete the job.  Then we monitor the weather and usually within a few days or a week we can verify that we will start on a certain day.  Once on the job we stay there.  WE DO NOT FLOAT FROM JOB TO JOB LIKE MANY OTHER ROOFERS.  We work each and every day the weather co-operates.  We recently did a re-roof that another roofer screwed up.  It took the other company almost a month to complete and the roof leaked constantly.  Our crew finished the job in four days and we issued a 20-year Manufacturer’s NDL warranty.  The roof is leak free and the customer is happy.

8) Mostly of our clients look for best price or best value, What makes your value better than the competition?

There are so many ways that questionable roofing companies cut corners to cut costs.  They deliver the low bid and win the job.  The cut corners lead to immediate leaks and a roof that wont perform for anywhere near the length of time it should.  The customer must then hire a quality company to remove and replace the new roof.  This effectively more than doubles the cost of the roof.  When a customer requires quotes from Manufacturer’s Certified Applicators and has an appropriate spec they will find that our pricing is very competitive.  Beyond that our value comes in the form of years of experience, outstanding safety, constant communication, and a dedication to quality first.

9) Do you extend warranty?  What it is? And, Why is it better than competitors?

We offer the absolute best warranties in the industry.  We can offer fully-covered, labor and material warranties.  They are not pro-rated and have no-dollar-limit.  Warranties are available from 10 and up to 30 years.  All warranties are fully backed by any of the following manufacturers depending on the system that was installed: Firestone, Carlisle, Genflex, JohnsManville, and Gaco.  Upon completion of a job, a technical rep from one of these companies comes for a complete inspection to verify that the roof has been installed properly.

Flat Rubber Roof Pittsburgh

Its February in Pittsburgh, the time of year that typically produces the most leak calls.  The constant freeze and thaw cycle exposes the weaknesses of a roof system.  If you are experiencing leaks call us now.  We can send a crew to assess the damage and make either temporary or permanent repairs.  Hold on, spring is almost here!

Commercial Roofing Pittsburgh

Be careful!  The pictures below are from a new roof installed by another contractor only 2 months ago.  This roof has severe leaks and must be removed and replaced.

Please be wary of “fly by night” contractors.  Many roofers claim to have the knowledge to install a flat roof system but few actually do.  Always ask for a manufacturers NDL warranty, if they can’t provide one stay away.  Better yet, save yourself the hassle and call us today so your new roof can look like this one below!

 Installed by L & M Roofing Assoc, LLC and backed by a full manufacturers NDL roof system warranty.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

The freeze thaw cycle of Western Pennsylvania wintertime can cause severe ice damage to roofing systems.  Ponded water in particular is the biggest area of concern.  L&M Roofing offers winter roof cleaning and maintenance to keep the roof, drains, scuppers and gutters free of debris.  Allowing the roof to drain properly will prevent any ponded water and help building owners avoid costly repairs.  Call L&M Roofing today, Pittsburgh’s finest commercial roofing company.

Winter Maintenance and Protection – Pittsburgh Commercial Roofing

It’s that time of year again.  The snow and ice have already started and your roof system is hopefully hard at work protecting you and your tenants from the harsh winter weather.  Old or new there are a few steps you can take to keep your roof working throughout the season.  First, make sure all roof drains, scuppers or gutters are free of leaves and loose debris from the fall.  A back-up of the drain system will cause ice accumulation and wreak havoc on the roof.  Second, have L&M Roofing Assoc. LLC do a roof inspection and cleaning.  Often times we find cuts, tears and punctures in the membrane as well as loose seams and flashings on older roof systems.  Repairing these issues before winter really sets in will help prevent many problems once we get into the heart of winter.  Finally,  if your roof is really in irreparable condition have us get you a quote for a spring replacement.  We will include a limited amount of repair work at no charge between now and when the weather allows us to replace the roof, call now for details! 1-888-428-ROOF

Happy Winter Solstice and of course Happy Holidays!

Pittsburgh Commercial Roofing

L&M Roofing Assoc. LLC. is Pittsburgh’s finest commercial roofing company.  Years of dedication, persistence, and a strict adherence to quality first has brought L&M Roofing to the front of the pack.  Our track record has brought us to a point where we are capable of installing new roofing systems that come with a 30 year manufacturer’s NDL (no-dollar limit) warranty.  This warranty includes labor and material while covering the entire roofing system.  Very few roofers have proven that they have the skills necessary to be allowed to offer this system.  Our roofing systems offer the best value available on a flat roof system. Call L&M Roofing Assoc. today for a free estimate and roof inspection!

Commercial Skylights


New skylights!  Many commercial buildings have leaking, cracked and deteriorated skylights.  If that’s the case call us today.  We offer a full line of custom built skylights.  We have the knowledge and resources to remove the old skylights safely and get the new ones properly tied into your commercial roofing system.  It’s time to dress up your building by adding natural light.  We can also add skylights into a new location.  Call us for a free consultation.

Commercial Roofing Pittsburgh

L&M Roofing Assoc. LLC is the premier Pittsburgh Commercial Roofing company. Our attention to detail, extensive knowledge base, and clear and constant communication help us maintain our status as the most trusted roofing company in the Pittsburgh area.  Whether you need a new commercial roof system, flat roof repair, rubber roof membrane or an energy efficient roof coating we are the company you can rely on. Give us a call today for a free estimate and roof inspection.

Pittsburgh Commercial Roofing

L&M Roofing Assoc. LLC is the premier Pittsburgh Commercial Roofing company. Our attention to detail, extensive knowledge base, and clear and constant communication help us maintain our status as the most trusted roofing company in the Pittsburgh area.  Whether you need a new commercial roof system, flat roof repair, rubber roof membrane or an energy efficient roof coating we are the company you can rely on. Give us a call today for a free estimate and roof inspection.