L&M Roofing

Silicone Roof Coating Before and After

What does a fresh silicone roof coating look like? Check it out our work! Silicone roof coatings are an excellent way to add additional life and energy savings to your aging roof system.  Coatings can be applied to any single-ply membrane or asphalt roof system that has insulation that is dry and does not have any ballast or gravel on top of the roof. Call us today for a free quote! 1-888-428-ROOF

Is your roof ready for solar?

Thinking about solar energy? As the premiere roofing company of Western PA, we are qualified to distribute install Sun Power’s solar panels! Hire the pros to get a solar quote and find out how much money you can save with solar energy. Solar panels can be applied to EPDM roofs, built up roof systems and more! Have questions about solar? Get a professional quote today! Call us at 1-888-428-ROOF

Looking to stop leaks in your rubber roof?

L&M Roofing is here to help you ensure your commercial building is protected by your flat roof. We are certified rubber roofing pros with over 50 years of commercial roofing experience. Our roofing team is qualified to repair and replace single-ply roof systems, built up roof systems, EPDM roof systems, and metal roofs. Our flat roof specialists are ready to help! Give us a call 1-888-428-ROOF

Prep your flat roof for cold weather

A good flat roof not only protects your building but keeps your energy bills lower with better insulation. Worried about leaks? Our qualified roofers will repair your roof fast, giving you peace of mind this winter! Call 1-888-428-ROOF

Noticing leaks in your rubber roof with this rain?

Heavy rain causing heavy damage to your rubber roof? with the hurricane Ida making it’s way into the western PA area, make sure your roof is protecting your building or warehouse against the elements. We are on call ready to make quick repairs and prevent further damage to your building! Call the flat roof pros today:1-888-428-ROOF

Ready For a New Flat Roof?

Are you looking to replace or install a new flat roof? L&M Roofing has you covered. We specialize in EPDM, Built-Up and Metal roof systems. Our certified commercial roofing specialists have over 50 years combined experience. For all of your commercial roofing needs, call 1-888-428-ROOF

Water Damage?

The rain isn’t stopping but we can stop the damage! If you are noticing leaks or issues with your rubber roof, call the commercial roof pros! We are ready to help and can help repair your EPDM, Built Up, or Metal roof fast! Call L&M Roofing today: 1-888-428-ROOF

Roofing season is in full swing

Now is the perfect time to replace your building’s flat roof! We have roofers ready to service your commercial building whether it needs repairs or a new roof system. Our flat roof specialists can help you find a custom solution to fit your building’s needs. Call us today: 1-888-428-ROOF

Let’s Talk Sun

It’s no secret L&M Roofing is the premiere commercial roofing company of Western PA. We service all of your EPDM, built-up, and metal roof needs. But did you know we are distributors and installers for Sunpower? Our qualified solar experts can help you find an energy solution for your building that will save you money with an environmentally friendly energy source. Call L&M Roofing today to learn more about switching to solar!

The Best Commercial Roofers in Western PA

With over 50 years comined experience, L&M Roofing are well versed in roofing installation, maintainence and repairs. They have seen it all and happy to help with your flat roof. Call the flat roof pros for all of your commercial roofing needs! L&M Roofing has you covered! 1-888-428-ROOF